Rangapara College


Rangapara college is providing a healthy ecosystem for knowledge sharing, quality education that upholds the creativity in students and other stakeholders and it also impart social and cultural commitment. We have an active Research and IPR cell consisting of doctoral degree holders and other academicians. The cell frequently conducts workshops, virtual and off line seminars, Popular talks, and discussions related to recent scientific advancements and trends and the outcomes are shared to faculty and students. The Academic departments create own departmental website in the google sites and attach those with the main website of the institute to share the academic, research and other activities of the departments in a transparent manner. The departments are also graded on the basis of information available in their respective websites to encourage and motivate the departments to engage in innovative activities and to share in the departmental websites.

Activities under Innovation and Eco-system

Sl No Name of the activities Date Activity Report
1 Research methodology Course 23-04-2022 to 25-06-2022
2 Intellectual Property Rights 22-03-2022
3 Energy management and Conservation 27-12-2021
4 Bio-Diversity Crisis: Do you have
any rescue plans for nature?
5 Rangapara College Mathematics
Lecture series
05-06-2021, 13-06-2021,
26-06-2021, 10-07-2021,
31-07-2021, 07-08-2021,
21-08-2021 and 03-09-2021
6 Physics and Innovation at nano scale 29-01-2021
7 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights 16-11-2019


Sl No Category Name Certificates
1 Highest Number of quality publications
in science citation index journal
Dr. Azizul Haque,
HoD & Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
2 Highest Number of citations upto
31st March, 2022
Dr. Kiran Jyoti Mohan,
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
3 Highest Number of citations during
the session 2021-22
Dr. Bijoy Sankar Boruah
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
4 Best Library user award during the session 2021-22 Mr. Lohit Ch. Baishya,
HoD & Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
5 Best department Award for the session 2021-22 Department of Bodo
6 Second best department Award for the session 2021-22 Department of Commerce
& Department of English